Chromatherapy shower head

For many people taking a shower at the end of the day is the ultimate way to wind down and relax. With technology there are now other things you can introduce into your shower to make it an even better experience. Shower radios have been around a while but with Bluetooth technology you can stream your music from your device straight to your bathroom.

In this article we look at some of your options for introducing music and mood lights into your shower using shower heads, shower speakers or a combination of both. Unfortunately it is actually quite hard to find shower heads that do both speakers and LED lights at the same time. They usually do one or the other.

Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on installing an expensive Thermasol system these are they ways you can combine music and lighting in the shower:. There are actually some shower speakers that have LED lights built in.

Chromotherapy shower heads

These would actually provide both the speaker functionality and the lights, although the lights may not be as powerful as some of the other options. This is an excellent option for those who are looking for a more versatile speaker system that can be used in the shower, as well as in a variety of other locations. It has a 5W speaker and subwoofer so it is one of the better sounding shower speakers out there. It has LED mood lights so you can shower with the bathroom lights off.

This is a completely waterproof speaker that is made from the highest quality materials. It features a micro USB charger, making it simple to recharge the speaker wherever you are.

The biggest perks of this speaker system that people love are the versatility of the speaker. You can easily take it with you anywhere and it even comes with a suction cup for easy adherence to a variety of surfaces. It has stereo quality sound and even comes with a multicolored relaxing ambient light. For those looking for something that blends high quality sound, with rich, full bass, with waterproof design, the BassPal is an excellent choice.

People who purchase this model love the rich, full bass and stereo quality sound, as well as those little extra such as mood lights and included accessories. It features built in buttons and other technology that allow you to take calls and control your sound system from the speaker itself. Finally it has some cool LED lights with 5 color modes. These shower heads omit colored LED lights, depending on the temperature. The power is generated by the running of the water, so no batteries or wiring needed.

Bluetooth-enabled shower head speakers can be synced to your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device. The speaker even pops out of the shower head, allowing you to use it as a wireless speaker in other applications as well. The most popular and high quality model is the Kohler Moxie Shower head and Speaker.

Since these only fulfil your speakers needs, you would need to combine this with LED lights, maybe something like dimmable colored ceiling downlight lamps. Kohler is a well known and trusted brand that makes a wide range of different high end fixtures for bathroom and kitchens. A lithium battery provides on average seven hours of playtime. The sprayface features 60 angled nozzles to deliver a full, enveloping spray.

You can read customer reviews and purchase the Moxie Showerhead on Amazon. For the ultra high end experience, the Rainhead shower head by ThermaSol is the ultimate in luxury. These are expensive and sophisticated shower heads that require installation and are not the kind of shower head that can just be added to an existing fixture connector.Water functions: rain and nebulizer.

Additional features: color therapy and aromatherapy. It includes Seasons touchpad and the kenzo, energy, and relax aroma packs. Protection IP Voltage V. Shower not included. It's necessary to order a valve with minimum 1 output to operate the shower head.

Shower modes: rain shower, waterfall and laminar spray. Additional function: chromotherapy. Remote control for chromotherapy included. IP67 protection. Shower valve not included. Shower modes: rain shower, mist function and laminar spray. Tax ID No. V and registered office at Carretera Nacionalkm The legitimacy results from the existence of a contractual relationship, legitimate interest and consent, according to each purpose and possible assignment.

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chromatherapy shower head

Choose your style. Lounge square.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

If you have any bulk order do not just place orders but contact us first for better discount offers. Email us. Is this fixture vapor proof? Please let me know. Best, Youwha. Q: How does LED turn on? Is it automatic when water is turned on or seperate switch? Also is there white light option or only colors? LED Option is an built in feature there is now separate switch for the turning on.

It works based on the water flow, This product which you are looking it is having white light option. Or does it need to have a low voltage transformer?

Shower heads

Thank you in advance for your help. Q: How does your ceiling mount showers e. And how do you clean it to get rid of the deposits? Yes it is one of the best product and also it is multifunctional, You can clean it by using vinegar.

Q: Hi can the flow on this shower head be adjusted from 2. Can the flow re stricter be removed and if so will the water pressure remain sufficient? Q: Hi, can all the 5 functions turn on at the same time? Q: Does this shower system come in a brushed nickel finish? Does the shower head come in a larger size such as 20" x 40"? Thank you for showing interest in our products, We have similar products available in the brushed nickel with that size.

Please check this products.

Ceiling Showerhead Inciso Gessi

Q: Must this be embedded or can it be hung from ceiling? It is Recessed ceiling mount shower system but it can be hang. Let me know if you need any other help. Q: Can the light remote set the LED color to not change? LED color will change automatically based up on the flow rate only and also it is built-in option. Q: The instructions are a little bit complicated, but could you provide a diagram on copper pipes rough ins.Bringing a new visual language to the contemporary bathscape, Inciso channels the honesty of traditional craftsmanship and the American spirit.

The collection of faucets and accessories designed by David Rockwell for Gessi creates a new design language for the contemporary bathroom. The formal gestures of early plumbing fixtures and the refined, architectural sensibility of modern metalwork inspired the distinguished profile. IS-PVD is an enhanced vacuum technology for thin film deposition. The new IS-PVD coatings have unique characteristics for both, surface quality and advanced production processes.

Inside the chamber titanium and zirconium vapours, which will form the coating, are produced. Vapours spread in the chamber and condense deep in the substrates. Condensation develops in the presence of process gases argon, nitrogen and methane that are introduced into the chamber in a controlled way. Added to condensation, these chemical processes form compounds that are different from the starting ones.

If you are arranging home, opening a new local or expanding the office, we can give you a help to put order between hundreds of offers and different products. Assembly, installation, new materials, hydraulic or electric system. All this seems to be so complicated when you are designing your house. All the purchased items will be dispatched all over the world from our skilled freight forwarders.

Free delivery to Europe for purchases over euro! If you are looking for a customized quote, you will be helped by an adviser, who will follow you step by step during the order process, from the price evaluation to the receipt of the material. Search the store Close. My account My account Close. Register Login. Shopping cart Close. You have no items in your shopping cart. All Categories. Menu Close. Built-in washbasins. Wall Mount Sinks. Freestanding Washbasins.

Sit-on Washbasins. Console vanity units. Laundry Furniture. Back to wall wc and bidet. Wall hung wc and bidet. Bath Mixers and Taps. Washbasin Mixer and Water blades. Toilet Hydro Brushes. Shower Heads.Clearance Items. The LED Chromatherapy bulb is a color therapy multi-color health and healing light.

This light has been designed to simply screw into your existing shower, sauna or steam room light fixture.

How To Install a Shower Faucet - The Home Depot

There are seven solid colors and one color changing mode that will slowly change from one color to the next. Colors can remain on any solid color or slowly morph through all of the colors. Simply switch the light switch off and on to change colors or enter the color changing mode.

No remote control is necessary.

chromatherapy shower head

When two or more chromatherapy lights are operated on the same electrical circuit, they can be synchronized to operate together. This bulb will fit into any fixture designed to accommodate up to an "R30" size bulb.

Light Therapy -Chromatherapy-; specifications and instructions. Socket extender included for proper positioning in fixture. Features 72 Super bright LEDs. Colors and color changing mode controlled by your existing wall switch; no remote control is nessary. Use in "hi-hat" recessed ceiling fixtures as a simple replacement for R30 reflector or standard size V incandescent bulbs.

Made in the USA! LED Chromatherapy color therapy multi-color health and healing light. Tech Specs. Features 72 Super bright LEDs Seven principal colors for specific body areas: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red Select a solid color OR use the color changing mode to slowly cycle through all of the colors Colors and color changing mode controlled by your existing wall switch; no remote control is nessary If two or more Chromatherapy lights are used on the same circuit, they can be synchronized Use in "hi-hat" recessed ceiling fixtures as a simple replacement for R30 reflector or standard size V incandescent bulbs No UV, no heat Long life time, up tohours Energy efficient, only The shower head represents the point from which the water flows when we have the shower.

Once it was only possible to purchase the classical shower head that is small and rounded. Some shower heads, moreover, beyond supplying water, have real benefits for the health, thanks to the chromatherapy technology applied in it. Thanks to the presence of the incorporated light, the shower heads with chromotherapy help to make our own shower corner in a real spa, thanks to the colors which have an impact to the psychology of people which use it, causing a strong sensation of relaxation.

Promo Paini Promo Jacuzzi Kitchen Kitchen sinks Stainless steel sinks Sinks in composite material Drains for sinks Kitchen Taps and Fittings Kitchen taps with drop traditional kitchen taps Kitchen taps with shower head Wall-mounted kitchen taps Spandrel kitchen taps Three ways kitchen taps. Catalog Manufacturer. Quick View. Add to wishlist. Square brass showerhead colortherapy X Damast Xenon Matt black shower head with chromotherapy Damast Altea Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items.This therapy uses then the colors, each of which is paired with a mood.

Warm colors are usually associated with energy and positivity. Red is coupled to the fulcrum of the vitality, energy and all passions in general. Yellow is instead coupled to the light, the sun, and always connected to the sphere of the positive aspect of things. Cold colors instead, inspire reflection, introspection and creativity, namely: green is the color of nature that is a symbol of harmony; blue is the color of calm and tranquility, because it recalls the trend wave; finally, purple represents creativity.

Colour therapy is practiced today in the most important SPA and wellness centers but its origins are to be found back in time. It is often combined with other options such as the turkish bath or sauna, so to transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

A company that offers this facility is Nobili Rubinetteriewhich combines shower massage to the healthy shower heads for color therapy. These can contain up to water nozzles from which you can turn a gentle rain shower, accompanied by intense color effects.

chromatherapy shower head

The shower heads are available in both round and square shape, with a chrome finish, and ensure normal dispensing jet or spray, depending on your preference. All these systems do not provide a chromotherapy shower manual operating system but are equipped with automated devices that synchronize a set of programs with sequences of colors, depending on the requirements, so as to guarantee the optimization of the effect of comfort and relaxation offered by Shower.

chromatherapy shower head

The control systems and the jet water dosingin addition, are all aimed at saving water. Gilda Montesano. What is color therapy? Add a comment. Capital fully paid Publisher writing to R. Registry Operators of Communication to the number

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